Gathering Grasses

  • Researcher meets with the community research is going to happen with
  • Participants interested in doing research on a topic related to their lives are gathered together
  • Student sample is selected
  • Students meet with researcher 
  • Broad focus topic is discussed 
  • Participants choose potential audiences the project will speak to 

Preparing the Fibres 

  • Yarning circles formed to share stories and look for connections through relatedness 
  • Relationships are formed with the students, and connections made, through yarning 
  • Photoyarn method is discussed, including its purposes 
  • Stages of the research method are outlined 
  • Researcher reads through forms with students, and gathers any other consent from parents, school or guardians 
  • Informed consent gathered from those in the project 

Learning to Weave

  • Researcher and participants discuss ethics of the project and of photography 
  • Researcher checks that all participants have access to camera phones 
  • Students learn basic photography skills and social media basics 
  • Groups discuss angles, lighting, symbolism and ideas of how to take photographs of things they can’t find, using metaphor
  • Group discusses basic online safety and etiquette
  • Ethics of the project are explained, including not taking images of people’s faces, and privacy considerations of the school and individuals (staff and others) 
  • Researcher checks all students are on Facebook, forms a private Facebook group, and makes sure all students are members and know how to find the group

Weaving Together

  • Group decides together on the theme for the project 
  • Yarning circle discusses the topic and aspects that might be explored through photos
  • Over several days, students think about the topic and take 10 to 15 images on their phones that explore their thoughts 
  • Students upload photos to the Facebook group 

Finishing the Dillybag

  • Yarning circle held to share all images and their meanings
  • Researcher records yarning circles and types up transcripts 
  • Theming of images, and text from yarns, in yarning circle, 
  • Students decide the major themes that emerge and select images that represent these themes for an exhibition 
  • Students organise an exhibition aimed at the audience they select, celebrating their achievements and sharing their findings
  • Researcher writes up results for use by participants, their communities, others in academia and the broader community 

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